Posted by: womenallaboutbusiness | June 14, 2009

May Networking Meeting

Hello Ladies,

All About Business Networking Group for Women Entrepreneurial May networking meeting was awesome as always.  The guest speaker Mindset Life Coach, Victoria Edge, focuses on professional women, who struggle with the heavy load of all they give to others, to help them manifest their desired changes in their lives.  From defining goals, developing action plans and achieving them, to career planning and lifestyle adjustments, Victoria will empower her clients to dare to dream their life, then live their dream. 

With 25 years of experience working in the corporate world as an overwhelmed, professional woman, mother, wife, trainer, teacher, coach, knowledge leader and consultant, Victoria brings with her several perspectives to help her clients not only see, but reach their potential. 

Her coaching style is focused, honest, motivating, fun and inspirational.  In her practice, Victoria’s focus is on the client’s passions and goals – and together they co-create a plan of action, with milestones and achievable steps along the way.
Description of Speaker Topic:  Responsibility and Blame – Are You Playing the Blame Game?

As women, we take on everything thrown at us, and rise to the occasion. The problem is, that we don’t consider it an option to miss the mark – we blame ourselves for failure.  We will look at Responsibility and Blame and apply it to how we look at our limitations.  We will look at the differences of taking responsibility for what we can control, and blaming ourselves or others.  Are You Playing the Blame Game? This will be an empowering experience, where we can all take responsibility for the things we do, and allow others to be responsible for theirs.  

Great Meeting and thank you again Victoria!  Be sure to join us in June!




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