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November AAB Meeting

All About Business had the pleasure of Aurea McGarry ( as our guest speaker.  Aurea inspired the group with her motivational message of Sur-Thrival and getting through obstacles and challenges that come our way.  She reminded us that God gives us no more than we can bear, if God gives you the vision he will certainly give you the provision.  Aurea has faced more challenges in her personal life than most have endured in a lifetime and she came through her struggle with her faith in God and believing in herself.  She has accomplished so much in her professional career and is now leading the way for entrepreneurial women.  On behalf of All About Business THANK YOU Aurea!

Featured Businesses in November

Gayla Jenkins of Special Occassions

Cindy Phillips of It Works!

Cheryl Mettler of TVI Express

Marna Friedman of Small Business That Could

Gwen Turner of Turner’s Catering

Elisabete Figueiredo of Silpada

Cassandra Jackson of  Scents by Sha Breez

Terri Swinson of Mentoring For Free

Nicole Linder-Pritchett of Balloons On A Budget

Dawn Benjamin of Little Bernard

Nikki Brown of Kinedo

Yurhonda McCutchen of Styles -Jus4U

Vanessa Parker of CORP or LLC

Nan Ross of Corporate Cosmo

Erica Baity of Data Scan Solutions

KaJuana Coney of Miche Handbags

Andrea Chin of ACI Appraisal

Chanda Lightsey of All About Business

For those of you who did not get the opportunity to hear Aurea, she has agreed to come back in January as our guest speaker so please mark your calendars for January 23, 2010 9am to 11am – please visit for upcoming details.

All About Business will meet again on December 19, 2009 – check out the website for upcoming details

Quote of the Month:

As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” Arnold Schwarzenegger




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October AAB meeting

All About Business October meeting was GREAT!  we offered a Small Business Workshop by Kalimah Jenkins ( here is the outline from the meeting:

Small Business Seminar

  1. 1.       Is entrepreneurship really for you?
    1. Risks
    2. Self discipline
    3. Self motivation
    4. Can work in isolation
    5. Able to change direction/make decisions rapidly and without advice
    6. Not bothered by change
    7. Leader
    8. Willing to work all hours of day and night to get it done
    9. Multitasker
    10. Are you a builder or maintainer
    11. 2.       Company Structure/Taxes
      1. DBA
      2. Corporation
      3. LLC
      4. Partnership
      5. Assumed Name Certificate
      6. Shareholder’s/Partnership Agreement
      7. EIN
      8. Tax Election
      9. 3.       Product or Service?  Benefits/Detriments of each
        1. Patent
        2. Trademark
        3. Copyright

Reference —

  1. 4.       You’ve decided on your product/service, now what?
    1. Feasibility – Market Survey
      1. Do people want what you’re selling
      2. Is there a market for it
  2. Planning – Business Plan
    1. It’s important for your vision
    2. Write your own even if you don’t need financing
  3. Financing – have a good amount of your own
    1. No matter what your idea, no one is going to give you money if you don’t have any of your own
    2. You must have projections for the bank
  4. Location selection
    1. How much space do you really need
    2. What is the square footage price
    3. What is the CAM; what is included in the CAM
    4. Is it a gross or net lease
    5. What kind of space do you need?  Destination or class A
    6. Other leasehold expenses
    7. Personal guarantees
    8. Kick out clauses
    9. TI dollars/Build out
    10. Signage considerations
  5. Demographics
    1. Who is your customer specifically
    2. It’s not everybody
  6. Marketing/Branding
    1. Systematic plan of attack
    2. Combination of business activities intended on bringing in customers
    3. Existing customer referrals
  7. Advertising
    1. Single component in the marketing process
    2. Paid persuasive message by a sponsor
    3. Ad Placement
    4. Web Placement
    5. Value Added Services
    6. 5.       Merchant Services
      1. Retail
      2. MOTO
      3. Qualified rates/midqualified/nonqualified
      4. Leasing v buying
      5. 6.       Bank Accounts
        1. Keep it separate
        2. Are you using a software like QuickBooks?
        3. Web Design/Graphic Design
          1. Website
          2. SEO
          3. Rack cards
          4. Flyering
          5. Car ads
          6. referrals
          7. Printing Services
          8. Common business Mistakes
            1. a.       Failure to market
            2. b.      Bad leases/contracts
            3. c.       Failure to invest in education
            4. d.      Trying to do things too cheaply
            5. e.      Trying to do it all yourself; not outsourcing
            6. f.        Undercapitalization/not having the money upfront
            7. g.       Serial entrepreneurs
            8. h.      Not really having the time or being afraid to take the plunge
            9. i.        Going down with a sinking ship
            10. j.        Failure to invest in self
            11. k.       Customer service issues
            12. l.        Presentation (business cards, mistakes, not fully versed, cannot articulate concept)
            13. m.    Not setting a budget
            14. n.      Not listening to others who know


  1. 10.   Franchising
    1. What is it?
    2. Is it a good option – benefits, detriments
    3. FDD
    4. Resources – www.


Small Business Resources:



 Rack Cards – http://www.Willy 

Posters /copies –

Business Cards —

Embroidery –,

Trade Show Booths –

Trade Show banners –

Banners –

Logo Design –

Stationary Package –

Car Signs – Signs by Tomorrow; Sign-A-Rama


Great Business Books:

Good to great


7 habits of highly effective people

One minute manager

Built to Last

Art of the deal

Stay tuned in for November’s meeting!

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September AAB Meeting

All About Business Networking Group for Entrepreneurial Women held it’s monthly fourth Saturday meeting at the Carriage Oaks Subdivision in Marietta.

Marea Michele, the guest speaker, concluded her message on Building Business Relationships and the pros and cons of providing excellent Customer Service to customers and clients.  Awesome meeting!  If you have not experienced the knowledge, professionalism and business networking opportunities at AAB you are indeed missing out on the best kept secret in metro Atlanta.  If you are not a member please join us at

AAB would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you again to Marea Michele for her time and expertise, you can visit her website at to purchase a copy of her book The P.H.D. Professional Hustlette’s Degree.

AAB also hosted it’s quarterly Jr. Entrepreneur meeting, AAB invites its members to bring a young jr entrepreneur to the meetings to mentor and inspire them that they too can learn entrepreneurialship at a young age.

CONGRATS to Alex, Kynnedy, Manndisa, Jasmine our Jr Entrepreneurs of the quarter!

Thank you to the ladies that attended today’s meeting – a special thank you to KaJuana Coney for driving from Warner Robins just to attend our meeting, your committment speaks volumes and God will honor your determination, what a pity some ladies who live locally can’t honor their RSVP committment and you can drive almost 2 hours – YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL!

Thank you Belinda (my dear friend and business partner) and my sister-n-law Linda for attending the meeting, your support means more than words can express.

Here is a partial listing of today’s entrepreneurs:

Gayla Jenkins of Special Ocassions

Alex Lightsey of Kidz Jewelz

Cindy Phillips of IT WORKS!

Valerie Taylor of Enagic

Kalimah Jenkins of Kidz Meal Club

Debra Curl of My Shopping Genie

Shirley  Allen of American General

Christina Hollins of Colonial Life

Ruthanne Warnick of PrePaid Legal

Marlena & Deborah Lankford of Onyxpath

KaJuana Coney of Miche Handbag

Emma Wiley of Denise Budget Clean

Kim Karch of Nu U

Blaire Hervey of YG & Q Enterprise

Belinda Grimes of Belinda Grimes Designs

Linda Lightsey of Magnolia Rehabilitation

Chanda Lightsey of A-DelCor Photography

AAB will host its October meeting on October 17th from 10 am to 11:30 please note the date and time difference – Kalimah Jenkins will host a FREE Small Business Training Workshop – Ladies you don’t want to miss this, Kalimah is an Attorney and business woman who has a remarkable successful business history and is willing to freely give of her time and knowledge so please RSVP seating is limited, more info to come. . . .

Quote of the Month:

You can have everything you want if you help enough people get what they want

       Zig Ziglar

Ladies I look forward to your attendance next month and until then have a PROSPEROUS AND SUCCESSFUL month!  Don’t forget to follow us on twitter at: 

Chanda Lightsey

AAB Founder





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AAB August Networking Meeting

All About Business had it’s monthly August meeting on yesterday and it was a fabulous meeting.  We got an opportunity to network with some fantastic women business owners and just to name a few:

Gayla Jenkins of Special Occasions

Cynthia Phillips of The Ultimate Applicator

Susan Honrath of Heaven’s Touch Therapeutic Massage

Shirley Allen of American General Life

Sharese McCommons of M.E. Shopping Service

Valerie Campbell of VJC Properties

Mary Norris of 3110 Virtual Assistance

Kalimah Jenkins of Kidz Meal Club

Dr. M.F. of The Dr M.F.  Show

De Love of De Perfect Ten

Emma Wiley of Denise Budget Clean

Marea Michelle of Roxie Publishing

Sheneeza Alexander of MetLife

Chanda Lightsey of Ardyss International

We were honored to have our guest speaker Marea Michelle author of The P.H.D. Professional Hustlette’s Degree (The Black Woman’s Manual To Self Employment).  Marea spoke on Building Business Relationships and will come back in September to enlighten us on another much needed topic.

If you did not get an opportunity to join us this month you don’t want to miss out in September.  All About Business will meet again on September 26th at 9 am sharp, please visit us at www.meetup,com/allaboutbusiness

Carriage Oaks Clubhouse Subdivision
10 Carriage Oaks Drive
Marietta, 30064

From 75 North – take Exit 265, North Marietta Pkwy, turn left off the exit, drive approx 1 mile, you will see Krystals on your left, turn right onto Whitlock Street, go about 3 miles down Whitlock, you will see Marietta High School on your left, turn into Carriage Oaks on your right, then make an immediate right into the clubhouse parking lot.
From 75 South – take Exit 265, North Marietta Pkwy, turn right off the exit, drive approx 1 mile, you will see Krystals on your left, turn right onto Whitlock Street, go about 3 miles down Whitlock, you will see Marietta High School on your left, turn into Carriage Oaks on your right, then make an immediate right into the clubhouse parking lot.

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July 22nd AAB Meeting

The July All About Business networking group for women was held on Saturday, Floyd Montaque of MBN Funding was the guest speaker and spoke to the group about merchant account services, small business funding and building your business credit line. 

We had a fabulous group of women business owners and also women in attendance who are looking to start a business. 

At All About Business you will find that this group is organized, structured, and sincere in helping one another.   If you are interested in networking with a “real” networking group visit our site for more details:

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June 27th AAB Meeting

This morning  All About Business had it’s monthly fourth Saturday networking meeting.  Guest Speaker Dominique Fletcher of Mass Mutal talked about Building a Financial Home – some key points:

Establishing a “Solid Foundation” is crucial to your financial home. 

Establish and maintain an “Emergency Fund” (should be 3 to 6 months of living expenses)

One should have a Will, if not seek an Attorney for proper advice.

Protect yourself against your biggest asset – YOU!

Disability Fund  – College Fund for children

Plan for the future – Grow your wealth and protect your wealth in a safe environment,

You need an Estate Tax strategy – this is just a brief recap of Dominique’s topic – please consult her for a Free Consultation:

Dominique Fletcher, Mass Mutual,

(407) 721-6663

Just to mention a few Entrepreneurs who were in attendance today:

Terri Holley, Realtor Prudential

Esther Wheeler, Cash Flow Consultant, Encore Payment Systems

Mary Miller, President, TerraCarta Integrations

Marcia Ferguson-Farrington, Mortgage Consultant, Southeast Mortgage

Gwendolyn Turner, Turner’s Catering

Chanda Lightsey, Ardyss International (Drop 2 to 3 sizes in 10 minutes)

To contact anyone above visit

All About Business will host it’s quarterly Jr. Entrepreneur meeting next month, each member can bring a young up and coming entrepreneur – ages 8 and up!  We want to expose our young ladies to other successful female entrepreneurs and help mentor and train them so please don’t miss out on this special meeting.

All About Business will meet again July 25th from 9 am to 11 am

Piccadilly Cafeteria

536 Cobb Parkway
Marietta, 30060

From 75 North – take Exit 263, Marietta Southern Poly, when you come off the ramp go up to Cobb Parkway and turn left,  Piccadilly will be down on the right.

 From 75 South – take Exit 263, turn right off exit, go up to Cobb Parkway and turn left, Piccadilly will be down on the right.
For more details please visit us at:
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Upcoming June networking meeting announcement!

All About Business will meet on June 27th from 9 am to 11 am – please visit us at for meeting details:

June’s Guest Speaker

Ilona Dolinska-Reiser

CEO/Founder of Wealth Skills, Inc.

Ilona is a seasoned business professional with 15 years of executive experience in the financial services industry.

Areas of Specialization:

• Investment Management

• Financial Planning

• Cash Flow Management

• Psychology of Wealth

Business Background

Ilona Dolinska-Reiser, an immigrant from Poland, arrived in the United States in 1985 with a suitcase of clothes and $10 in her pocket and not speaking English.  Over the next 23 years, Ilona not only acquired a Master of Science Degree in Finance from Georgia State University and Chartered Financial Analyst designation, but also acquired a life she always dreamed to create.

Ilona’s education and incredible understanding of investments and finances put her in a position to be an Investment Manager for very high net worth clients, which then led to a Senior Vice President executive position in the Global Wealth and Investment Management division of Bank of America.  With Ilona’s keen sense for personal finances and financial discipline she created a net worth of over $1,000,000 and was able to retire from Bank of America at the age of 46.

She believes that being wealthy is not about money. The word wealth in its definition is derived from the word “weal,” being well. So wealth, a financial well-being is about the state-of-mind. And an appropriate state of mind allows us to experience the financial well-being and to take appropriate actions that result in generation of the desired net worth over time.

Ilona believes that wealth is not limited to certain people.  Anyone, in any financial circumstance can build wealth for themselves.  You do not have to be a professional money manager or have a financial education to have a desired net worth and experience financial well-being. And it does not matter what financial circumstances you are facing today. Any starting point is the “right” starting point. Creating wealth systematically, over time is really quite simple.

Now, more than ever, Ilona has chosen to teach those that think it is nearly impossible for them to experience financial well-being in this ever changing economy. Some are haunted by concerns about their financial future. Some don’t think the wealth is “meant” for them, or they are at loss about how to save money and get out of debt when they are currently living pay check to pay check. Some people think that it requires financial and investment knowledge to accumulate wealth. And most people think “If I generate enough income then I’ll have financial freedom.” She shares with you simple and practical ways that worked not only for her, but also for her clients who created their wealth, and she discusses the pitfalls that keep us from creating and experiencing financial well-being.

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May Networking Meeting

Hello Ladies,

All About Business Networking Group for Women Entrepreneurial May networking meeting was awesome as always.  The guest speaker Mindset Life Coach, Victoria Edge, focuses on professional women, who struggle with the heavy load of all they give to others, to help them manifest their desired changes in their lives.  From defining goals, developing action plans and achieving them, to career planning and lifestyle adjustments, Victoria will empower her clients to dare to dream their life, then live their dream. 

With 25 years of experience working in the corporate world as an overwhelmed, professional woman, mother, wife, trainer, teacher, coach, knowledge leader and consultant, Victoria brings with her several perspectives to help her clients not only see, but reach their potential. 

Her coaching style is focused, honest, motivating, fun and inspirational.  In her practice, Victoria’s focus is on the client’s passions and goals – and together they co-create a plan of action, with milestones and achievable steps along the way.
Description of Speaker Topic:  Responsibility and Blame – Are You Playing the Blame Game?

As women, we take on everything thrown at us, and rise to the occasion. The problem is, that we don’t consider it an option to miss the mark – we blame ourselves for failure.  We will look at Responsibility and Blame and apply it to how we look at our limitations.  We will look at the differences of taking responsibility for what we can control, and blaming ourselves or others.  Are You Playing the Blame Game? This will be an empowering experience, where we can all take responsibility for the things we do, and allow others to be responsible for theirs.  

Great Meeting and thank you again Victoria!  Be sure to join us in June!



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April’s Meeting

Today we at All About Business Networking Group had our 4th Saturday monthly networking meeting. The guest speaker for the month was Dan Osbelt of GunnFinancial. Dan shared his knowledge and business experience with us. Dan who is a Financial Advisor from New York spoke on various topics such as Fear of Rejection, Lack of Motivation, Centers of Influence, Make a Rejection Your Friend, and other business tips/ideas, and don’t forget EXCITEMENT SELLS, if you are not excited you can’t expect anyone else to get excited for you –

We had a great group of entreprenerial ladies who attended this morning from Event Planners, Fitness Guru’s, Motivational Speaker, and Insurance etc.,

Heather King of State Farm will provide free office services for members – Monica Smith will lend her computer skills to the group, contact me for more details. . . . .

All About Business will meet again on May 23rd from 9 am to 11 am, guest speaker Victoria Edge, Professional Life Coach, in addition to the blog please visit us at to stay abreast of our monthly meetings and happenings.

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Day Two

Hello Ladies and Guests,

Thank you to all of  you for your positive comments and emails on yesterday, you all make me proud!  I am so excited to have started this venture and so looking forward to great things to come.

All About Business has a lot on the agenda for 2009 some of the things that we are working on behind the scenes are:

– Inviting back Ms. Marshawn Evans of the NBC Donald Trump Apprentice Show

– Coordinating our very first annual All About Business Networking Cruise

– Quarterly Junior Mentorship Program

-All About Business Networking Tradeshow

-End of the year annual Scholarship Gala 

And a very special celebrity guest. . . . . . I can not give out details yet but stay tuned!

As you all know I will keep you updated and informed of all the ALL ABOUT BUSINESS details – have a blessed, productive and prosperous day!


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